If you have questions about the riders parking, please mail to rennersparking@veloclubkoksijde.be
For other questions such as team shops, VIP and entrance tickets, please mail to secretariaat@veloclubkoksijde.be

Every rider will get 4 tickets (riders, 2 assistens box, 1 assistent arrival).

You will receive a different Parking Ticket (to get on the riders parking).

Riders Parking on Sunday 22nd October is in the Military Barracks.

Riders Parking on Saturday 21st October is on the Veurnestraat.

Bracelets are distributed by national coaches on the riders parking.

Be sure to get an entrance ticket, it will be asked to get in. No ticket = no entrance.

rennersparking rennersparking2 rennersparking4

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